What is the difference between a portable spa and an inground spa system? A portable spa is a self contained unit with a cabinet or skirt built around it. An inground spa system consists of an acrylic shell without the skirt or cabinet with separate equipment components (pump, heater, blower, control system).  

DO NOT install a portable spa into a deck! A portable spa should sit ON a deck or a  concrete slab. A portable spa installed into a deck is a service nightmare! Any problems inside the cabinet such as leaks means either pulling the spa out of the deck or breaking through the cabinet. Both of these alternatives are time consuming and costly.

If you want to install a spa into a deck, we can provide you with a custom installation with components specifically designed to be placed out doors. Most portable spas are equipped with electric heaters. A nice advantage to an in ground spa system is that a natural gas or propane heater can be provided. Please call us to set up a site inspection.